Welcome to Baseline

1. Peer Assisted Learning

Peer assisted learning (PAL) sessions in maths are on Wednesdays at 1:30pm. The next 5 session URIs are:

3rd March, 10th March, 17th March, 24th March, 31st March.

2. Lecture

Each week there will be a lecture at 9am on Tuesday morning. The lectures are normally recorded in 2 parts. The first is before the breakout. The second is after the breakout.

3. Tutorials

Each week there will be a set of tutorial questions that are available from Tuesday morning until midnight on the following Monday.

Your answers will be recorded but not marked until the tutorial has closed.

When the tutorial has closed your answers will be marked and your marks will be available in My Progress.

There are ten tutorials. Each tutorial is worth 3% of your overall mark.